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healthcare, i don't want you melding in the private marketplace and keep your hand off my medicare. [ laughter ] true story. forget the truck. everybody can buy a truck. >> neil: larry says the president's not fooling anyone here. larry, you're saying he sending mixed messages. explain. >> absolutely. he's not a natural pop list. he cool rather than hot. he's intellectual. he's a teddy -- he's not a teddy roosevelt. he's like woodrow wilson. writes his own speeches. he's very prove soral which is a good thing. it doesn't mix with being pop list. a poplist has to have the fire in the belly, has to be somebody who can go after big institutions. in that case attack big business the way republican populous attacked government. it doesn't mix well with the cool persona in a is barack obama. >> we're told in the meetings, while he's ripping them a new one in public venues, when he meets in a room, it's friendly and gentlemanly and that says some mixed messages, right? >> sure. and people -- people are not stupid. they sense this. this is more of a pose. why is the pose being struck? it's
unusual because it addresses so little spending, nondiscretionary spending, medicare, medication and social security and defense off the table on the freeze. it is a start and evan bayh from indiana is encouraged by that. senator, good to have you, thanks for coming. >> good to be with you, neil. >> this start, a lot of folks in the other party have said it's not enough of one. in fact it's a joke. the savings we're talking about over ten years, $250 billion, might seem like a lot but in the scheme of spending, closing in on $20 trillion, chump change. what do you say? >> well, i think you've got to have merit to both arguments. it's a significant start and neil you know that by the fact the president is roundly criticized by some segments to want more spending and debt. $250 billion is a important down payment but we need more. there are other parts of the budget this does not touch. that's why which tried to have a long-term commission to wrestle with those problems but the fact the president is willing to step up and freeze this rapidly growing parts of the boing and it's back
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, you look at healthcare and they cut a half a trillion from medicare n massachusetts we have 98% of other people insured, why we would county medicare half a trillion, have longer lines, less coverage and subsidize other states. et cetera -- it's not good for massachusetts and people have lost faith in the process. there's no transparency and in in addition to homeland security it's resonating with the residents of massachusetts. >> bring me up speed. were you involved in then governor mitt romney's moves to establish state care, what was called state care, but to broaden healthcare coverage for all in massachusetts? >> i voted on it. it was a bipartisan evident. we were paying almost a billion dollar to the hospitals. >> the argument was that you contributed to something that now you're against? >> that's not true. they're interest different programs, what we have is a free market enterprise, providing insurance to people in massachusetts. ed the plans in washington are one size fits all that will cost almost a trillion plus dollars and raise taxes when we don't need it. why pa
'll be in washington for that. it's a freeze with big exceptions like social security and medicare. does it sound weird. former ebay boss knows a thing or two about good deals and for taxpayers this isn't a good deal so she's run for governor and has a new book, the power of money, values for success in business and in life. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> you can't pick and choose across the board cuts, right? >> i think they have to be across the board. we have an enormous deficit and you have to look at every department and line item to get it back in shame. that's he self-evident. >> neil: a lot of republicans rejected this commission but at least it would have absolved then of onus on the ideas zing the american people want congress to be accountable and the president accountable. >> neil: but they're not. >> we have to find a way for the president and congress to lead on getting costs down at the federal government. the bad news, we have a government we can no longer afford and we better face up and start to figure out how to get it back into line with what we can afford. >> neil: yo
many issues are under the table such as social security, medicare, medicaid, all time bombs. he's handling so many things. >> how do you think he's handling them? >> so far he's concentrating on healthcare. no doubt about that. >> do you think he should? well, it's -- when you have 30 million uninsured people in the united states. there's no doubt something has to be done, whether it's his policy or the senate version. >> neil: we have to do it now. the argument is -- it's a worthy goal but you don't have to do it now. >> it's too late. it's passed the senate and house and now it's among the -- it's between them. so i would like to get this behind us so we could concentrate on job growth, very important in the united states. in the middle east we're concerned about the united states not giving attention to our core problem, the palestinians. >> prince bin talal. three weeks ago on christmas day we had what some feared was a terrorist ins intent. the underwear bomber. it prompt add number of responses, the president was slow to respond and maybe we ought to get back to profile. i
. >> was paul ryan. paul ryan. paul ryan challenged the president on healthcare, budget, medicare. the president listened respectfully. they went back and forth a little bit. congressman from wisconsin, brilliant -- >> neil: and -- >> i think it was, i think it was good for everyone and the republican -- >> neil: you sold more books. you sold more books today. >> it's really about the american people. >> neil: you're good at what you do, frank. frank luntz, the master, the maestro. they welcome the mayor who wants the 9/11 trial to make the city the next big tourist attraction?  >> neil: well, new york city doesn't want him. the white house thinking about him. the next guy vying to host them. newbu newburgh, new york, mayor valentine says bring it to his city. you want them why? >> i think what happens is when first asked whether or not i want this to happen in the city of newburgh i hesitate and then i said yes. the reason why is we have a facility, brand new courthouse we played $22 million for. the city of newburgh is a poor place. and we could really use the economic sti
. >> not only abortion amendment but the guarantee for full medicaid and medicare funding for his state. some of the special additions. some of the percs or earmarks as they have been called. >> you wouldn't push for special -- wait -- you wouldn't push for special additions for your state if you were in there? >> i'm not going into all the details, neil. what i'm going to say is that i will be fighting for people in connecticut. and when i can make a difference to them, as senator dodd did with the $100 million that may well come for a hospital here in connecticut and make a big difference for the healthcare of our people, i'm gonna be there fighting for people as any senator of any state and any congressman does whatever the political rhetoric accompanying it. that's their job to do. >> all right. richard blumenthal, known you better than 20 years. whether you're on the right or left, you certainly have put in the time as they say. thank you very, very much. >> richard blumenthal who very well could be the next senator from the state of connecticut. let's get ready to rumble because at 6 p.
government in a smart way like we did with medicare, a smart way. >> neil: congressman, good to see you. >> my pleasure. >> neil: thank you. now the top union leaders say the president is finally getting it. why some are getting worried about it. ( inspiring music playing ) someday, cars will be engineered using nanotechnology to convert plants into components. the first-ever hs hybrid. only from lexus. >>> all right. this is a fox news alert. we have heard from the unions! ♪ ♪ >> neil: yes. after being denied repeatedly finally we said enough, asked you to ask them why they continually turn down our request to talk or do anything. thousands, apparently tens of thousands of you heeded our cost and now our request to the afo cio today was met with a response. not a big response, but it went like this. our president is on a train today for an during your hour. we'll look into it tomorrow. we weren't pleased last week when you put our phone number on the air. our office was inundated with upset cavuto viewers. well done, and thank you. here is why we call today. >> i listened to a pre
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9

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